Our Story

Christ Family Church was birthed out of two healthy church plants who gathered within the Westchester/South Miami area of Miami, FL, and simply desired to partner together for youth ministry efforts in their community. This joint desire led to deeper brotherhood and friendship between lead pastors Jonathan Palaci and Jose Prado. It eventually became a reality for both church plants to merge and become Christ Family Church. Later, other pastors also became a part of the team along the way.

Here is a timeline of our story:

January 2010

Christ City Church launches under lead pastor Jose Prado.

March 2015

Cultivate Church launches under lead pastor Jonathan Palaci.

April 2016

Christ City and Cultivate unite together for youth ministry gatherings.

December 2016

Christ City and Cultivate unite for a special joint Christmas service.

February 2017

Christ City and Cultivate unite together for powerful prayer gatherings.

January 2017

Pastors Jonathan and Jose are individually moved by the Spirit toward continuing a deeper and more intentional partnership of ministry between their two local churches. 

April 2017

Christ City and Cultivate begin monthly joint Sunday morning services at alternating locations.

October 2017

Christ City and Cultivate move to weekly joint gatherings on Sunday and begin the process of an official merger as one church by the new name of Christ Family Church. 

February 2018

Christ Family Church is launched as a new church in the Westchester/South Miami area under the lead pastors of Jonathan Palaci and Jose Prado and supporting Elders Jose Fabregas and Luis Aranguren. 

April 2019

Christ Family Español is launched is a new Spanish speaking service of Christ Family Church. Pastors Jonathan and Jose continue to lead both English and Spanish services.

January 2020

Pastor Alex Herrera partners with Christ Family Church a pastor that serves Christ Family Español.