Our Mission


We exist to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ
who are compelled by His love to believe all that the Gospel promises
and to belong to the unified, empowered, and commissioned family of God.

Our Distinctives

Our ministry is built upon God-glorifying, gospel-centered, missionary driven, disciple-making activity in hopes of becoming and reproducing people who demonstrate the outcomes of biblical discipleship.

We are committed to knowing God, worshiping God, and being led by God.
Gospel-Centered: We are committed to embracing the gospel, applying the gospel and proclaiming the gospel.
Disciple-Making: We are committed to seeing people trust Christ, obey Christ and imitate Christ.
Missionally-Driven: We are committed to embracing God's mission, understanding what the mission demands of us and living as missional ambassadors.

Our Outcomes

The outcomes that we desire to see in our church have little to do with numbers or material possessions, and much to do with the heart of those who call themselves disciples at Christ Family Church.

Grace Story: Embracing the fullness of the Gospel and being transformed by it in such a way that we desire to live out and share God's message with others.
Personal Mission: Discovering and fulfilling our God-given purposes in the church and in our community.
Intimacy with God: A detailed knowledge and understanding of God's heart and activity that comes from pursuing Him as our greatest treasure.
Stewardship of Life: Faithfully using everything God has entrusted to us to reflect His glory.
Fruit of the Spirit: The acting presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church that demonstrates the character of God and distinguishes His people from an unbelieving world.

Our Partners