Christ Family Church is committed to healthy, thriving marriages.  Join us for our monthly marriage groups and our yearly marriage retreats. We also provide marriage counseling through our counseling center.  For more information on pre-marital or marital counseling, please contact us at  or contact our counseling center at

home groups

We have (2) groups for everyone to choose from:

Group #1 will be held at Jonathan and Marilyn's house:
5318 SW 91st Avenue, Miami, FL 33165
Miami, FL. 33165

This group is catered for our younger couples within the same stage of life, which includes that you either have younger kids and/or have been married 12 years or less. 

Group#2 will be held at Mercy and Guido's house.
9211 SW 57 Terrace
Miami, FL 33173

This group will be catered for couples that have been married for more than 12 years.